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Mushroom Science


The MSBMB Special Interest Group (SIG)-Mushroom Science is a community within MSBMB with a shared interest in advancing knowledge, learning or technology in the area of mushroom science. Members collaborate, communicate, and organize seminars, meetings, workshops and conferences endorsed and supported by MSBMB, working with the national committees. The SIG liases with international mushroom researchers and organizations for collaborations.


Mushrooms can be used as food, tonics, medicines, cosmeceuticals, and as natural biocontrol agents in plant protection with insecticidal, fungicidal, bactericidal, herbicidal, nematocidal, and antiphytoviral activities. Mushrooms can serve as agents for promoting equitable economic growth in society. Mushrooms demonstrate a great impact on agriculture and the environment, and they have great potential for generating a great socio-economic impact in human welfare on local, national, and global levels.


This SIG hopes to cultivate and encourage active knowledge transmission to address critical issues faced by humankind and generate positive contributions to society.

For further information about this SIG, kindly contact:

Associate Prof. Dr. Fung Shin Yee

University of Malaya

10th Meeting of Asia for Mushroom Science
Our very own Special Interest Group (SIG): Mushroom Science is proud to host the 10th edition of the Meeting of Asia for Mushroom Science, held for the first time in Malaysia. MSBMB members are eligible for a special Early-bird rate.
Visit the website for more information.
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