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The Malaysian Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (MSBMB) was established in 1973 as a professional body representing biochemists and molecular biologists in Malaysia.  The Society aims to be a platform for Malaysian scientists to network and interact locally and internationally via a variety of activities such as conferences, seminars, workshops, special lectures and focus group meetings on matters related to biochemistry & molecular biology.  These are often organised in collaboration with universities and research institutions.     
The MSBMB is an adhering body to the Federation of Asian and Oceanian Biochemists and Molecular Biologists (FAOBMB) and The International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IUBMB). Members of the MSBMB are therefore eligible to apply for awards and fellowships managed by these 2 international bodies.     

The Malaysian Journal of Biochemistry

and Molecular Biology


E-ISSN 2600-9005


Published 3 times a year

MSBMB Newsletter 

Current Issue: Aug 2022

EXCO Section  

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MSBMB-Tan Sri Dato’ Kong Hon Kong Research Excellence Award 2020

- Prof. Dr. Tan Wen Siang

MSBMB President - Tan Sri Dato' Kong Hon Kong Award 2019

- Prof. Dr. Sheila Nathan

Call for 2023 nominations will be announced soon.

Upcoming Conferences 


      21 June 2022

       24-25 August 2022

       Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

       The Biochemistry Global Summit

       9-14 July 2022

       Lisbon, Portugal

      19-20 October 2022

      16-18 November 2022

      Seville, Spain


  • FAOBMB Fellowships Committee and Guidelines here

  • Winner of the 2019 FAOBMB Research Excellence Award:  

     Jin-Soo Kim (S. Korea)

  • Winner of the 2019 FAOBMB Education

     Xiaolun Yu (China)


For inquiries, please contact the

Hon. Secretary:

Dr. Fung Shin Yee

Department of Molecular Medicine
Universiti Malaya


Become a member of MSBMB


Benefits of membership:

  1. Eligibility for MSBMB, FAOBMB & IUBMB Fellowships, Awards and Grants.

  2. Reduced Registration Fees for Annual Conferences, Workshops, Seminars & MSBMB supported partner events

  3. Be part of a vibrant community of local and international scientists  

MSBMB membership fees for Jan-Dec 2023 are DUE

Please click this link for more information.


FAOBMB Travel Fellowships for the 29th FAOBMB - CSBMB 2022 Conference in China, October 2022

FAOBMB Travel Fellowships will be awarded for the 29th FAOBMB & 2022 CSBMB (Chinese Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) Conference to take place in Shenzhen, China, from 19-22 October 2022 to attend, either in person or online. The theme of the Conference is Biochemistry and Molecular Biology for Human Health. Note that the FAOBMB Travel Fellowships are available this year for online international participants.

The Conference details are as follows:
Date: October 19-22, 2022 (
Early bird deadline EXTENDED: 31st August 2022)

Venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

Click here for the website.














The Federation of Asian and Oceanian Biochemists and Molecular Biologists (FAOBMB)
The Chinese Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (CSBMB)


Supporting Organizations
Shenzhen University Health Science Center
Shenzhen Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Shanghai Ying-lai Wang Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Development Foundation
Center for Excellence in Molecular Cell Science, CAS


Applications for these fellowships are now invited from well qualified Graduate students/postdoctoral fellows/early career Biochemists and/or Molecular Biologists, from the FAOBMB region and within 10 years of completion of a PhD degree at the date of the application deadline (1 July, 2022).

Detailed Guidelines and the Application Form can be found on the following section of the FAOBMB webpage:

Successful applicants for these Fellowships will each be given the opportunity to give an oral presentation, either in person or online, on their research work in a session of the 29th FAOBMB & 2022 CSBMB Conference in Shenzhen, October 2022.

Closing date for applications has been extended to 1 July, 2022 (1800 hours, AEST)



Further information:

Professor Paul Gleeson, Chair FAOBMB Fellowships Committee 

INBIOSIS-MSBMB Webinar Lecture Series 3/2022




MSBMB is pleased to invite you to participate in the INBIOSIS-MSBMB 3/2022 Webinar Lecture Series as per the following details:

Title: Identification of a potential bioactive compound as an antituberculosis drug by Macromolecular Crystallography
Date : 25th November 2022 (Jumaat)
Time: 3.00 pm

Guest Speaker: Dr. Chomphunuch Songsiriritthigul (Synchrotron Light Research Institute, Thailand)


Cisco Webex (Link: & FB live (

Webinar Abstract:

This free webinar is open to all. Attendance forms are provided at the end of the webinar session for UKM talent management e-certificate & credit.

For further inquiries, email us at:

Screenshot 2022-07-26 at 1.05.00 PM.png
3rd Annual Mushroom Science Virtual 2022

The MSBMB Special Interest Group (SIG)-Mushroom Science is deeply honored to host the 3rd Annual Mushroom Science Virtual 2022 (MSV2022) meeting on the 19 - 20 October 2022 (2.00PM - 5.00PM)

We are pleased to invite mushroom researchers from all over Asia to gather in this meeting with the aims of stimulating research, encouraging academic exchange and strengthening networking connections. We are providing a platform for young scholars to discuss recent advances and future trends of Mushroom Science to advance their professional development.

The MSBMB Special Interest Group (SIG)-Mushroom Science is a community within MSBMB with a shared interest in advancing knowledge, learning and technology in the area of mushroom science. Members collaborate, communicate, and organize seminars, meetings, workshops and conferences endorsed and supported by MSBMB, working with the national committees. The SIG liases with international mushroom researchers and organizations for collaborations. This SIG hopes to cultivate and encourage active knowledge transmission to address critical issues faced by humankind and generate positive contributions to society.

We welcome your participation and look forward to seeing you in October!

Organising Committee

Mushroom Science Virtual 2022

The Graduate School Roadmap: A Roundtable Discussion

Graduate school season is here and our team of Asian and Oceanian representatives at the IUBMB Trainee Initiative are set to host their first event and our first-ever roundtable discussion – The Graduate School Roadmap: A Roundtable Discussion.

The program features students who have graduated recently and are on their way to a successful research career in Biochemistry or a related field. In addition, there will also be distinguished professors who can provide information about supervision during graduate research, as well as, how a prospective graduate student can approach them regarding supervision.

In today's increasingly competitive world, the TI aims to support and inspire young Asian and Oceanian students with the knowledge and resources for a successful graduate school application and journey, eventually leading to a triumphant career in research.

Where to apply? How to apply? Who to talk to? Feeling overwhelmed?- Fret not! Drop in any questions or concerns you have regarding your graduate school application and your life after undergraduate studies below, and we will help you get answers, LIVE at this event!

Register Now For Free! 

Dear PhD students and postdoctoral researchers,


We are delighted to invite you to the 1st FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE International Molecular Biosciences PhD and Postdoc Conference entitled “The perfect tandem: How technology expands the frontiers of biomedicine”, which will take place in Seville (Spain) on 16-18 November 2022.


Join us for three days of FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE 2022 and have the opportunity to participate in:


  • Scientific symposium (16 & 17 November):

    • Scientific talks from 8 renowned scientists

    • Short talks and posters presentations by participants

    • Gala dinner with keynote speakers on Thursday 17 November

  • Career day (18 November):

    • Participate in workshops and career chats

    • Visit our job fair to learn more about career opportunities

  • Networking & Outreach activities:

    • Join our pub talks to bring your science closer to society

    • Get to know other young scientists by joining our various networking activities

Registration for this event opened on 1 June 2022. Early bird discounts are available until 29 July 2022. A considerable number of travel grants are available for participants who actively participate via poster presentation or a short talk. The deadline to apply for travel grants is also 29 July 2022.

For more information, visit our website, where you can also watch videos of previous editions, and remember to follow us on InstagramLinkedIn Facebook and Twitter!

We look forward to meeting you in Seville!


The Scientific Organizing Committee of FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE 2022

Click here for flyer of event.

Screenshot 2022-08-12 at 12.01.10 PM.png
32nd Intervarsity Biochemistry Seminar


The Intervarsity Biochemistry Seminar (IBS) is a scientific seminar that consist of participants from all local and private universities in collaboration with the Malaysian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (MSBMB). The 32nd annual seminar is themed "Skeptiko: Reveal the Unseen Perspective of Biochemistry". The 2022 event is proudly hosted by The  Department of Bioscience, MAHSA University. 

IBS is a platform for undergraduates to exhibit and present their final year research projects while exchanging ideas, experiences and knowledge with their peers.


Deadline for Registration is 4th November 2022

Deadline Abstract Submission is 21st October 2022

For more information, visit our website.

We look forward to meeting you in MAHSA!


The IBS Team

The MSBMB Bulletin

The 12th issue (Aug 2022) of the MSBMB Bulletin is


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