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As a representative body of the Malaysian biochemists and molecular biologists, the society has been invited to air its views and partake in discussions at non-governmental level on the national research and development policy as well as other issues related to science and technology. It also serves to interact and work either formally or informally, with bodies representing scientists and professionals to promote and effectively contribute to the development of Science & Technology in Malaysia.

In general, the aims and objectives of the society are :


  • To contribute to the advancement of biochemical research and education 


  • To act as a professional body representing the interest of Malaysian biochemists in seeking job recognition and career opportunities in biochemistry as well as related disciplines 


  • To assist in the training and education of biochemists 


  • To act as a channel of communication amongst members with respect to academic and research activities through the annual conference and to publish current information in these areas by way of proceedings of the annual conference, newsletters, journals and educational books 


  • To act as a platform for biochemists for interaction with one another with the aim of developing teaching and research in biochemistry 


  • To identify and stimulate potential researchers with the aim of instilling appreciation of progress in biochemistry and molecular biology 


  • To serve as a link between Malaysian biochemists and members of other organisations with similar interests both nationally and internationally 


  • To ensure that biochemists attain academic standards as well as conform to the proper rules of discipline and professional conduct 


  • To encourage the application of the practical aspects of biochemistry and molecular biology for the benefit of mankind 

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