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MSBMB Strategic Plan

The MSBMB Strategic Plan Discussion was held on 11th October 2021 via Google Meet to detail the direction of the MSBMB'S goals. The MSBMB Executive Committee 2021-2023 was given a brief history of MSBMB by the President, Prof. Associate Dr. Anthony Ho Siong Hock. He commented on the establishment and changes of the association from 1974 until now.

Important achievements of MSBMB were also mentioned in this discussion. MSBMB has been selected as a host in various national and international events. Matters of membership, financial standing and networks and friendships that have been fostered since its inception have also been presented.


48th MSBMB Annual General Meeting (24th August 2022)

An overview of MSBMB as a professional association in terms of its role in the scientific and general community, benefits, membership/community outreach, mergers, publications, lobbying and so on has been detailed in the national and international context.

The results of the discussion and study of the objectives of the MSBMB over the next 10 years have led to the establishment of three main pillars for 2021-2030.

First Pillar: Support Professionalism

Second Pillar: Bridging Academia, Industry & Community

Third Pillar: Expand influence reach & increase reputation and relevance among the community

Objectives in line with the three pillars have been further refined through MSBMB activities.

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